Friday, 15 April 2011

What Is a Documentary?

What Is a Documentary?

Documentary footage is often regarded as' aktualitas' and pieces of recordings during incident actually took place, when people involved in it to speak, real life as it is, spontaneously and without any intermediary media. Although sometimes become material in the making of documentary, this factor is rarely a part of the whole documentary film itself, because such materials must be regulated, reprocessed, and organized structure. Sometimes even in shooting previously, various options should be taken by documentary film makers to determine the point of view, shot size (type of shot), lighting and others for to achieve the desired end result.

John Grierson to first find the term documentary in a discussion film by Robert Flaherty, Moana (1925), which refers to the ability of a media to produce visually document a particular incident. Grierson was believe that "Cinema is not art or tertainment, but a form of publication and may be published by 100 different ways to different audiences 100 as well. "Therefore, the documentary is one of them as a method cinematic publications, which in term is called "creative treatment of actuality" (Creative treatment of keaktualitasan). Because there is a creative treatment, the same as in Other fiction films, documentaries built and can be seen not as a recording reality, but as another type of representation of reality itself.


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