Sunday, 22 May 2011

Film Purple Love - Film ungu Band

Film Purple Love

Tonight was supposed to be the most beautiful night in life Pasha. Together with his friends, Makki, ONCI, Rowman and Enda, Pasha had planned to propose his girlfriend LISA (Qory Sandioriva). But it turns out, on the same day, Lisa decided relationship for choosing to be with another man. Pasha was in shock and heartbreak. Makki also have the idea to contact an agency that is working to restore the motivation of people. Agency is owned by Talita (Nirina Zubir), a beautiful girl who eccentric. Talita undertakes to restore Pasha again like old times. He was with a unique way managed to make Pasha would rise, but it still can not heal a broken heart Pasha. Talita finally concluded, the new Pasha will be able to recover the total if you managed to find a new love. Talita Pasha match with any other client, Shelly (Kirana Lara), a funny girl and very romantic naive

But it said the fate of another. Shelly just fell in love with ONCI, and Onci also felt the same. Feel uncomfortable with the Pasha and his friends, even the Backstreet Onci and Shelly. Talita any confusion when Shelly states do not want an arranged marriage with Pasha. I mean just wanted to entertain Pasha, Talita realized that she really loved Pasha. Pasha himself, who did not know that during this Talita perform the duties of his friends, really starting to feel fall in love with Talita.

Pasha also apply Talita. All seemed to run perfectly to Talita. Finally he could get true love. But everything changed when Lisa returned to Pasha. Looks like Talita task, namely to restore happiness to give her love Pasha will be solved with the return of Lisa


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