Thursday, 28 April 2011

13 Cara Memanggil Setan

Sinopsis Film 13 Cara Memanggil Setan

Dilo, Tera (Debby Ayu), Sonya, Essy, Venus and Fredi, is looking for a book at a book stall. Fredi accidentally found a book and similar books without the knowledge of his friends he stole the book

Fredi cs looked confused after seeing the look of books to be empty with no inscription. But when Dilo took it silently from Fredi she found blood incubate command to read the book. Starting from where Fredi cs start often haunted by supernatural beings and even through a dream ..

Conflicts began to arise when they start to get stuck on 13 the way the program must be complete. By Hadi (Ki Kusumo) Fredi cs finally find out if they’ve caught the curse of the owner of the book namely Orange daughter. And there is no way other than complete the pseudo-lin ritual with guide books for melepskan curse

Assisted by teachers and Mbah Hadi Djambrong (HIM. Damsik) they were gathered in one place to solve all the rituals to call demons. After Sonya had possessed spirits maker Orange Book of 13 ways to call him, they walked further and further to carry over into another universe (nature neglected), where their bodies on earth but his spirit in the world unseen. Even one of them, Venus, left behind and could not return to the world.

How is their fate? Did they beat the Orange? Games devil take effect on expiration of the life of the players. Do not even try AT HOME !!!!!


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