Friday, 15 April 2011



Companies using the method of public relations (public realations) to convey messages and create attitudes, images and opinions are correct. Public relations (PR) is one means of promotion / communication important. So far, no more than a tool of public relations campaigns / communication the least used, but this tool has great potential to build awareness and frequency in the market, to strengthen the re-positioning of products, and to maintain the product. Public relations (humasa) is often equated with publicity. In fact, the publicity was only part of public relations. Publicity is the company's activities are designed to trigger media attention through articles, editorials and news that is expected to maintain awareness petrified, outlook and image of the community against the company thought to be still positive. Publicity can be used with a single benefit, mislanya launching new products or reduce the negative opinions that happen. Publicity can also be used for multiple benefits, such as improving some aspects of corporate activity.


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