Thursday, 22 September 2011

Mac OS X Snow Leopard - 10.6.8

Mac OS X Snow Leopard - 10.6.8 (installed system for AMD / Intel)

Mac OS X Snow Leopard - 10.6.8
Installed system for AMD / Intel | 3.56 GB
Mac OS X is known for its simplicity, reliability and ease of use. Therefore, when the idea of development Snow Leopard, Apple engineers have set themselves only one goal: to make a good system even better.

Year: 2010
Version: 10.6.8
Developer: Apple Inc
Platform: PC

System requirements:
- CPU Intel / AMD with support for SSE2 SSE3
- 512 MB RAM
- 128 MB Graphics Card
- At least 12 GB of free disk space
Language: English, Russian
License: Freeware
Size: 3.56 GB

Extras. Information:
Obnolennaya OS SL 10.6.8;
Supports MBR / GTP, read NTFS;
PS / 2 and USB Controllers;
Drivers NVidia (Driver Release 256.02.25 Snow Leopard including 465/470/480/560/570/580/590);
Ati Radeon 6xxx;
Universal sound driver (VooDooHDA 2.7.1 - Yasien mac, working on my ALC892 5.1);
Network driver (RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_67 + supports a large number of built-in network adapters);
We used the latest loader Chameleon (ver. 1518);
Nice theme.

It is desirable to separate the hard place.
Requires Windows / Windows LIVE;
1) Set R Drive Image 4.7.4725 (on the way);
2) Run by the Administrator;
3) Select Restore;
4) Select the file on the image SL.ARC;
5) Specify the click of a mouse from the top section of Snow (see the screenshot) and section where we want to deliver. Section 12000 requires MB;
6) Click deployed;
7) Boot;
8) In case of difficulty running on the image of a bootable flash drive and a utility to deploy;
9) No picture? Loaded with code:-x.

Admin Password:
normally 123


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