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Games Urban Fatburner

Games Urban Fatburner

Make your Nokia smartphone users, Fatburner Urban games may be familiar. Yes, hilarious game that uses the character of men who want to slim down body fat that is quite popular. His first edition was downloaded 200,000 times in less than OVI Store, Nokia online stores.

Not only popular in Indonesia, it turns out Urban Fatburner games are now widely downloaded in other countries such as Australia, Italy, Turkey, India, and South Africa. Who made this game show if Agate Studio, a local game developer based in Bandung.
Well, in an atmosphere of Ramadan this time, Agate Studios also launched a new edition of Urban Fatburner named Ramadan Rush. The atmosphere of Ramadan and Eid shown Dalma game.

"As people of Indonesia, the atmosphere of Ramadan is very close to us and Urban Fatburner most players there are in Indonesia. Therefore, we designed a version of this Ramadan special for them," explains Shieny Aprilia, Chief Operating Officer of Agate Studio in a press release received Friday (05/08/2011).

Dibya Nikki Ward, lead designer of Urban Fatburner ensure that players can get fun by playing games that only need to press a button it. Players assume the role as a fat person who tried to slim down the body where he had to run to burn fat and become thin. The further run, the higher the points earned.

Interestingly, if the previous character Fatburner Urban wear casual clothing and avoid burgers on the way, in this version of the Ramadan Rush, obese people are wearing Muslim clothing and should avoid the diamond so that he does not turn into fat again. The atmosphere was thick with a built holy month of Muslims, like the atmosphere of twilight before iftar, the mosque as a background, and much more.

Just hilarious exhausted. Intrigued by the game? Please download from the Nokia phone for free on

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