Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How to combine files with Splitter & Joiner _a

How to combine files with Splitter & Joiner _a
1. Download all files, check the file size by right:
These files have the same name, just different extension __a, __b ,…, __e (for example: The Realm of Senses.avi.__a, The Realm of Senses.avi.__b …). If not, please change into all the same.
2. Then run File Splitter & Joiner, select the file __a:
Please select the tab “Joining” and press the number 1
You refer to the fifth movie downloaded earlier.
So that would appear only one file that is Realm of Sense.avi.__a
Then click OK, the picture will look like this:
You can fix in which the file containing the pair in the “Output file”. By default it will save the folder. Then click “Join.”:
3. Cawang Show Password.Contoh: gadaubac, click OK:
When prompted to enter a Password. You can see the box “Show Password” enter With true. Example Password gadaubac or
4. Wait for the process took place:
After clicking OK, the file will be in the process. Please wait until completion …
Notes: This is very important because the name of the file downloaded from will vary, BUT, tutorials and software use this FSJ will apply ONLY IF THERE ARE FACTS of our team to use the software this FSJ. Similarly, when you find a distinguished film in the download page there is information to combine these files with HJ-SPLIT.
All you have to remember the name of the file that will be at the join should be the same, just the extension __xxx only.


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