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Vania, a student, not from a wealthy noble family. He was an illegitimate child who is not known who the father is. His mother died when he was eighteen. But he did not want to live in disgrace. Vania forge itself into a strong independent woman. Brain intelligence and tenacity could make him a model student who was awarded a scholarship by his alma mater and allowed to open a cafe business in the campus environment

The only fault, if love can be called an error, Vania Aries fall in love with a student has a bleak future that comes from a wealthy family who respected. For the sake of his love, Aries is reckless abandon her family to marry Sue, but apparently in a marriage, not enough to just love.

Aries just feel the difficulty of living without money allowance from his parents. Moreover the presence of Guntur, best friend and bodyguard, who brings to the house Vania, adding to the complexity of the household. Eventually their marriage fall apart. Tragedy and tempest block. Mistakes and misunderstandings overlap. Secret by secret peeled off one by one

But can the Aries forgive his wife?

Starting July 1, 2011

Film Type: drama
producer  : Hermanto, Mh Sunarto
Length     : 120

players: Fanny Febriana, Mario Lawalatta, Happy Salma, Alex Komang
director: Dedi Setiadi


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