Monday, 4 July 2011

Download POG is a password organizer

Download POG is a password organizer

POG is a password organizer / generator that takes advantage of password and data encryption technologies to protect your privacy. This approach allows POG to serve as a secure data store for a virtually, unlimited number of account credentials. Furthermore, POG readily recalls every account you have ever had to subscribe to, while its complex password generator eases the process of devising and maintaining passwords.

   •     Encrypted and password protected data store (UTC synchronized).
   •     Password bit strength and rating service (entropically weighted).
   •     Configurable random password generator (complex password compliant).
   •     MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 file and password cryptography.
   •     Globally positioned account / contact information overlaid on JPL's Blue Marble.
   •     Unattended shutdowns; handled by an embedded watchdog timer.
   •     Integrated text editor / event viewer (secured source).
   •     Can be run from a USB Memory Key or Flash Drive (not included).

Download link 
md5:  MD5 - 3333A0DEEECFC52D62872E464DD87D61
Download Microsoft .NET Framework r2.0


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