Sunday, 12 June 2011

Microsoft Security Essentials

Sality virus is the greatest enemy among other viruses at this time. Besides very tough to eradicate this virus spreads rapidly in all files that contain. exe. But all that could be solved only with a free antivirus software from Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus name, you can get it free at this address.
Available for multiple OS such as:

     * Windows XP 32bit
     * Windows Vista / Windows 7 32bit
     * Windows Vista / Windows 7 64bit

Antivirus is quite potent and effective, as evidenced by the test results I've ever done. Not only removes the sality virus antivirus also can repair the registry is missing due to a virus. As we all know because this antivirus from microsoft official course he has the right registry database, so there is no guarantee that defects registry again.

Please note also after you install this antivirus you have to update first. If not updated it can not be used for virus scanning. And updates can only be done online. Finally my advice if you're already using another antivirus, previously removed only better because with this antivirus is very adequate to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, or malwere.


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